About Us


Our group started in August 2011 with a simple intention of helping the poor for their education needs. The idea rose when we visited a family where the father was bedridden and the family was in financial dire. They had two school going boys who needed uniforms, school bags and tuition etc. We interacted through e-mail among our friends and relatives and managed to mobilized some fund to help. With good response and support on we kept on going to help more children from poor families.

In October, 2011 we had a Deepavalli Charity Dinner and the support was overwhelming which prompted us to move on to better dimension. For record, since August 2011, we have provided financial assistance for education support totaling around RM14,000.00.

The group was formalized and registered with Registrar of Society (ROS) as PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN EDUCARE KUALA LUMPUR (EDUCARE GROUP), registration no. PPM-024-14-28122012

On 28th December, 2012. We have embarked on a membership drive and we have about 30 members and growing more.

Our Scope

To provide financial assistance to children who are from poor families for their educational needs.

We extend our education support for school going children and for selected tertiary students on case to case basis. We provide support in the form of tuition fees, school uniforms, workbooks, stationery, bus fare and other expenses related to education purpose.